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Jimmy B



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"Jimmy has been my son’s guitar teacher for the last 4 years i.e. right from the beginning of his music lessons. He is an excellent teacher who can bring out the best in his students and makes learning an enjoyable experience. This is reflected in the fact that my son has achieved distinction in all three grades of the Rockschool guitar examinations that he has taken. Jimmy has always been prompt and happy to accommodate our last minute requests including extra lessons or cancellations. We are lucky to have him tutoring our son and would have no hesitation in recommending him."

- Naveen

"Jimmy has been my teacher for 5/6 years now and has helped me power through my guitar grades; so much so that I have just achieved my Grade 8! So much time and praise is given to each individual student, allowing you to feel that your progress really is going noticed. Attention is really given towards the theory aspect of playing guitar too, so you aren't just learning song after song (unless you want to!), but you have an understanding of what you’re playing, why you’re playing it, what works and what doesn’t. I feel as though my lessons with Jimmy have not only helped me become a better guitarist, but have also helped me in becoming a well-rounded musician on the whole. I couldn't recommend Jimmy enough, great teacher and great fun!"

- Brian

“I've been having lessons with Jimmy for around 3 months, the first thing that strikes you is he is an excellent musician. He is also a very good teacher (who is very patient if need be!) I find his lessons a highlight in my week which I always look forward to and I know they are really helping my progress.”

- Jim

"All the lessons I have had so far - either in bass or electric guitar - have been very enjoyable.  They combine elements that improve general musicianship as skill, as well as elements which help guide you towards improving gradework towards an exam.  I already feel I have improved quite a bit"